”[…] tried to be the ones really worthy of
so we made songs outta own story of
back then no one really did tried to fuckin’ see who we’re
things have changed and put a little fame
that’s when we made a mixtape out then
Now ore never sold about couple thousand times but I thought it
wasn’t good enough for me to be the king […]”

don’t you think this songtext souits B.A.P? 


(it just works with Chrome)

Step 1:

Klick the “adapt Google Chrome” button. Then klick on the options button.

Step 2:

click on enhancements

Step 3:

Step 4:

search for: Auto Refresh Plus

Step 5:

go to the video and you’ll see next to the “adapt Google Chrome” the…

B.A.P’s hair xD

Am I the only one who is so damned irritated because of B.A.P’s Hair?

I mean they arrived with blond hair and now their changed their hair color again? D:

Yongguk changed his hair so fucking often since he debuted with Jieun in Crazy D:

black -> brown -> blonde -> red -> brown ->blonde -> purple-black -> blonde-pink ->dark brown -> bright brown diped hair -> blonde-pink -> (redye) -> blonde

yeah B.A.P and Block B haha I like that they have the same sweater

yeah B.A.P and Block B haha I like that they have the same sweater

aigoo~ I love Dubu so much she is so pretty *-*

eeeeee so handsome *-*

eeeeee so handsome *-*

I can stand it… he is so handsome *-*

Youngjae was so cute at this time *-*

I’m so happy that they’re back~! 
but I really want to see Soul Connection again ._.